PP3608A - 6.0" TWO PIECE Power Steering Pump Pulley (Serpentine)

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The Problem:

You have a project using a CBR power steering pump and the low engine RPM power steering performance is suffering. Also, it is a time-consuming pain to install a pulley on the pump after the pump has been installed in the vehicle...there is no room to get a pulley installer tool in that tight space.

The Solution:

This 6.0" diameter Billet Aluminum Overdrive Press-Fit TWO PIECE 6 Rib Serpentine Pulley will fit Type II/TC/CBR/CBX power steering pumps with a 5/8 Inch driveshaft. TWO PIECE construction allows the pump to be installed with a hub already pressed onto the pump driveshaft and then the pulley body simply bolts onto the hub. No more fighting with a pulley installer tool after the pump is mounted in the vehicle.

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6.0 Inch Diameter

6 Rib Serpentine, TWO PIECE Construction

Fits Type II/TC/CBR/CBX power steering pumps with a 5/8 Inch driveshaft



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Custom Stock StatusExpected time to ship, 7-10 business days
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