PK1860 - Power Steering Pump and Remote Reservoir Kit for 2007-18 Jeep JK with HEMI Conversion

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The PK1860 XD2 Pump and Remote Reservoir Kit is critical to a successful installation of any PSC Steering Gearbox or Cylinder Assist Kit.

The XD2 Pump produces 50 percent more volume than the OEM part and is a direct replacement for all
2007-11 Jeep with HEMI Engine Conversion. 

Improve your Jeep steering performance today with PSC Big Bore XD2 Power Steering components!

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A complete CBR pump and remote reservoir kit for 1997-2018 Jeep projects with a HEMI Engine Conversion. An essential product to improve low RPM performance and ensures optimum steering efficiency on any project that includes installing a PSC Cylinder Assist Steering Kit.


  • High Flow, High Pressure CBR Power Steering Pump with 6 Rib Pulley
  • Billet Spacers provided to ensure proper pump pulley alignment with other belt-driven accessories
  • Brushed Aluminum Remote Reservoir Kit with Serviceable Filter Element
  • High Pressure Conversion Hose Assembly
  • Complete Hose and Fitting Kit
  • Remote Reservoir Mounting Bracket 

Suggested Accessories:

  • SR-VT,6 PSI Anti-Splash Valve for PSC Remote Reservoir Systems
  • CK100-6,16 Inch Heat Sink Fluid Cooler Kit with -6 AN Fittings


Compatible with any PSC Big Bore XD2 Steering Gearbox (SG688/R), Big Bore XD2 Overlander Steering Kits or Big Bore XD2 Cylinder Assist Kits.

Due to the unbalanced displacement of an assist cylinder, which will create a constantly fluctuating fluid level in a reservoir, a large capacity remote reservoir is required with Big Bore XD2 Cylinder Assist setups in order to provide enough room for fluid level changes and expansion due to operating temperatures. 

The hose that supplies fluid to the pump from the reservoir should not exceed 16 inches to avoid collapse under suction or the creation of a vacuum situation that will result in fluid aeration inside the pump. Excessive fluid aeration is the most common cause of a noisy and/or whining pump that could possibly lead to catastrophic failure.


A common component failure on the Jeep JK is the original high-pressure hose assembly. It is manufactured with a plastic liner that can delaminate from the interior of the hose, especially after constant excessive heat cycles. A common result is the obstruction of the high-pressure "IN" port of the steering gearbox, choking off the fluid flow and causing the fluid to overheat. This could lead to a complete power steering system failure. To remedy this issue and to improve overall system efficiency, we strongly recommend installing our HK2091 High-Pressure Hose Conversion Kit on all 2007-18 Jeep JK.

PSC recommends SWEPCO 715 Power Steering Fluid in all PSC Systems 

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